Teacher Resources

Pre-AP Chemistry Presentations:

(All presentations are in Apple Keynote format.)

  • Unit 1a:  Introduction, Matter, Safety   Keynote

  • Unit 1b:  Separation, Measurement, Sig Figs   Keynote

  • Unit 2:  Atomic Structure   Keynote

  • Unit 3a:  Periodicity   Keynote

  • Unit 3b:  The Elements   Keynote

  • Unit 4:  Bonding   Keynote

  • Unit 5:  Nomenclature   Keynote

  • Unit 6:  The Mole   Keynote

  • Unit 7:  Balancing Equations   Keynote

  • Unit 8:  Stoichiometry   Keynote

  • Unit 9:  KMT and Gas Laws   Keynote

  • Unit 10a:  Solutions   Keynote

  • Unit 10b:  Weird Water   Keynote

  • Unit 10c:  Surfactants   Keynote

  • Unit 11:  Acids, Bases and pH   Keynote

  • Unit 12:  Thermodynamics and Kinetics   Keynote

  • Unit 13:  Nuclear Chemistry   Keynote

Pre-AP Chemistry Labs: (Webassign)

(for answer keys, email matthewtryan@me.com)

  • Separation Lab     PDF

  • Measurement Lab     PDF

  • VSEPR Lab     PDF

  • Empirical Formula of a Hydrate Lab     PDF

  • Empirical Formula of a Compound Lab     PDF

  • Chemical Reactions Lab     PDF

  • Net Ionic Equations Lab     PDF

  • Decomposition of Baking Soda Lab     PDF

  • Percent Yield of CO2 Lab     PDF

  • Gas Laws Lab     PDF

  • Molar Mass of a Gas Lab     PDF

  • Cooling Curve Lab     PDF

  • Molecular Mass of an Unknown Solute Lab     PDF

  • Titration Lab     PDF

  • Heat Capacity of an Unknown Lab     PDF

  • Reaction Rate Lab     PDF

  • Change in Enthalpy Lab     PDF

AP Chemistry Presentations:

AP Chemistry Labs: (WebAssign)

(for answer keys, email matthewtryan@me.com)

  • CO2 in a Bag Lab     PDF

  • Introduction to Spectrophotometry Lab     PDF

  • Standardization of Solutions Lab     PDF

  • Synthesis and Analysis of a Cu compound Lab     PDF

  • Determination of %Fe by Redox Titration     PDF

  • Redox Reactions Lab     PDF

  • Molar Mass of a Metal Lab     PDF

  • Hess’s Law Lab     PDF

  • % Cu in Brass Lab     PDF

  • VSEPR Lab     PDF

  • Intermolecular Forces Lab     PDF

  • Van’t Hoff Determination Lab     PDF

  • Silver Mirror Lab     PDF

  • Rate of Reaction Lab     PDF

  • Determination of Activation Energy Lab     PDF

  • Equilibrium Constant Lab     PDF

  • Hydrolysis of Salts Lab     PDF

  • Ka of a Weak Acid Lab     PDF

  • Ksp Lab     PDF

  • Voltaic Cell Lab     PDF

  • Electrolysis Lab     PDF

  • Organic Functional Groups Lab     PDF

Biochemistry Presentations:


  • 3D Periodic Table Paper Model   PDF